About Lily
Growing up in the early 2000s, my curiosity led me to make websites from HTML and CSS. However, I ended up studying finance in university and landed in an accountant position soon after. 
Feeling demotivated in my accounting role, I began to rediscover my passion for designing. After graduating from Red Academy's User Interface and Communications Design Professional Program, I am ready for the next chapter of my life.
Bringing my analytical background into the creative field, I design to solve problems. My creativity is inspired by life and nature. When I'm not nerding out on designing, I love going on hikes and travel. 
Design Process
Research phase: I always start with why. Through client kickoff meetings and user interviews, I dig deep into the "why" - "Why would you use this app/website/product"?
Inspiration gathering: Find the mood and visual language to answer the question "What mood or environment would facilitate this need to be fulfilled?" Look for inspirations online.
Client feedback: Create moodboards based on art directions and present to the client for feedback.
Design sprints: Base on client feedback, start designing with Adobe CC/Sketch/etc. User test and refine my design base on user testing. 
Handoff: I create style guides for handing off designs for development. I check in with the developers and see what questions they may have.

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